Employee Retention Through Empowerment

Retain the right people by surfacing and implementing their best ideas.

If any of these have crossed your mind, talk to us about how we can help.

One team's metrics should build on every other team's. Why does it feel like we're working against each other?
Our processes are build around our tools rather than our goals.
We have too many tight deadlines to spend time strategizing.
Our operations are good now, but should we change them before we scale?
I was pushed into management. I was never trained for this.
Our people are skilled. We should be doing better than this.

Our leads have helped organizations ranging from world-renowned authorities to scrappy startups.

Employee Retention Through Empowerment

Teams spread all over the globe? That’s what we do.

Employee Retention Through Empowerment

Primary Services

Structured Private Workshops

You have a big job, a tight timeline, and many talented people to incorporate.

We get you to an action-oriented shared vision.

Structured, collaborative engagement across teams

Process reinforced through transparent milestones

(Typically four-month engagement)

Align Your New Teams

You are expanding beyond your home office, and need to ensure that the new offices integrate with your workflow and culture.

We plant the seeds for systems integration and citizenship cultivation.

Operations & communication protocol mapping

On-site engagement with new teams

(Typically four to six-month engagement)

Deep Audit and Adjustment

Your organization’s collective performance is good, but why be satisfied with good?

We get you culture and process improvements evidenced in: efficiency, transparency, interdependence, citizenship, and alignment of tactics with strategy.

Operations & communications protocol mapping deep-dive

Guided, collaborative ideation to arrive at ideal modifications to tools, protocols, or behavior

(Typically eight to twelve-month engagement)

Get everyone moving in the same direction

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